Juliann Faucette Johnson, BSN SPORTS Volleyball Brand Ambassador, has taken the content from her coaching clinics, professional experience playing and coaching Volleyball, and work with Art of Coaching to share a collection of Coaching Tips. This five-part Coaching Tips series covers the following topics with summaries and video links:

  1. Building Confidence, Learning Team Personality, and Meditation
  2. Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, and Rest and Recovery
  3. Mission Theme and Tryouts
  4. Practice Plan, Pressure Practice, and Video
  5. Yoga and Training the Mind

Part 3: Mission Theme and Tryouts

#23 Tip | Mission Theme

There are many ways to motivate your team throughout a long season. Setting a vision and having a mission statement are two of my favorite ways. It is important to get the team on the same page and stay connected on team goals. When I was at The University of Texas we always had a theme for the season, which helped everyone stay engaged with what we set out to accomplish, while also keeping the season fun. I encourage you to begin your season this way, be sure to check in periodically and circle back on those pre-season goals. It will keep the team motivated. – Juliann Faucette Johnson, BSN SPORTS Volleyball Brand Ambassador


#73  Tip | Tryouts

Tryouts can be important for coaches making decisions that impact a team for the entire season and it can be difficult to make these important decisions in a short amount of time. Here are some key factors to look for in an athlete at tryouts besides the obvious talent.  One, do they go for every ball? Effort is key in a player; they are usually the athletes that lead by example and get the team pumped up. Two, Are they a good teammate? Watch how they interact with others and see if they are encouraging, cheering on their teammates and how they react after a mistake. Third, what kind of personality do they have? You may be trying to fill one or two sports on your team, look at the current roster and check and see what type of personality you are lacking. Finally, do you need an energizer? A calm, cool, and collected player? This can help in deciding in those last few sports. -Juliann Faucette Johnson, BSN SPORTS Volleyball Brand Ambassador