Juliann Faucette Johnson, BSN SPORTS Volleyball Brand Ambassador, has taken the content from her coaching clinics, professional experience playing and coaching Volleyball, and work with Art of Coaching to share a collection of Coaching Tips. This five-part Coaching Tips series covers the following topics with summaries and video links:

  1. Building Confidence, Learning Team Personality, and Meditation
  2. Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, and Rest and Recovery
  3. Mission Theme and Tryouts
  4. Practice Plan, Pressure Practice, and Video
  5. Yoga and Training the Mind

Part 5: Yoga and Training the Mind

#93 Tip | Yoga

One of the ways I was able to elongate my career was incorporating yoga into my individual routine. While on the national team we devoted a fay once a week to yoga. A lot of us have the idea that yoga is simply just stretching, but it has so much more to it than that. Yoga is a stamina builder, strength builder, and a mental training tool all in one. I always encourage my athletes to take some yoga classes during their time off, better yet I would incorporate a 20-minute yoga practice each week; there are several free online video’s that are free. This way I know they are getting the benefits of yoga.   -Juliann Faucette Johnson, BSN SPORTS Volleyball Brand Ambassador

#32  Tip | Training the Mind

I am a big supporter in training the mind. Sports build a bunch of pressure and we need to help our team to combat it. Here are three of my favorite mental training books to share with your team or recommend to a player struggling with the mental side of the game.

  1. Ten-minute toughness by Jason Selk- this book was a game-changer got me, it helped me learn how to visualize and write down achievable goals.
  2. Mind Gym by Gary Mack- This book is perfect to reach a chapter at a team with your team after practice
  3. The Inner Game of Tennis by W. Timothy Galloway- Written by a tennis player but applicable to all sports and how to overcome nervousness and self-doubt.

-Juliann Faucette Johnson, BSN SPORTS Volleyball Brand Ambassador