BSN SPORTS sat down and interviewed some of the top senior female student-athletes from Marshall High School a current Women of Will School located in Marshall, Texas. These athletes embody what it means to be a Women of Will Athlete: Outstanding Athletics, Superior Academics, Positive Sportsmanship, Strong Leadership, and Impactful Community Service. For more information on the Women of Will program please check out

  1. Liz Palmer 
  2. Cate Truelove
  3. Maycee Griffin

Liz Palmer

4-year varsity athlete: Volleyball/softball

Colleges: Baylor

How did you prep for season?

I worked out consistently throughout the summer attending all school workouts and working with Coach Rob; Robert Phillips. His workouts were able to get us prepared for the season. One way specifically for volleyball was practicing the 25-minute workout that we have to complete in order to make the team. I would work with the freshman so that they were able to complete for pre-season. While it was very challenging it helped me be in volleyball shape for the season.

What advice do you have for underclassman?

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, I would tell them to not take any game or practice for granted. I will always miss those practices and games with my teammates and friends. While some may be hard I will miss the opportunity to compete and be around that environment.

Did you have a pre-game ritual?

For softball specifically before every game, I had to go hit by myself in the cage for thirty minutes. I needed my time to focus my mind and just sit in silence to prepare for our games.

If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

I would love to be really fast like a dash for the Incredibles. We had a joke that I was really fast but in reality, I was not, the coach would say I was “sneaky speed” cause sometimes I would get random bursts of speed, but the majority of the time that was not the case. Sometimes in games, I would take risks in games to steal bases because of my “sneaky speed” but that would usually land me in trouble because it did not always work out in my favor.

What is your favorite show or movie that you have been watching?

I have been watching the Office and Parks and Rec, both are very similar but with a different setting. I have watched both several times but now I have also listened to the Office podcast, so I know a lot of behind the scene details that I did not know before.