#ThankYouCoach Spotlight


Michael Epstein, Lacrosse Coach, Brien McMahon High School

“Mike has changed the trajectory of his players lives, helping countless kids graduate to college instead of the streets. Mike has been a very successful coach, but more importantly, Mike has saved lives.”
-Bill Giugno, Sales Pro BSN SPORTS

Kathleen Navarre, Flag Football Coach and Athletic Director, Dimond High School

“Coach Navarre is the varsity flag football coach and is very involved in all of the sports around Dimond High, as well as being a math teacher and the director of graduation. She takes care of a lot of students physically and emotionally. She will be the first to buy them lunch if they do not have it and be a great listener if they are in need of someone to talk to.”
Curt Fosse, Sales Pro BSN SPORTS

Mike Papadopoulos, Football Coach, Vacaville High School

“In a school where tradition means everything, and in a time when sports are what’s keeping kids engaged, Coach Pop is dedicated to each and every player and their families. In my territory, there is no other coach for any other sport more committed and the community is grateful.”
-Jason Lozano, Sales Pro BSN SPORTS

Terry Rose, Football Coach, Capital High School

“Terry put teaching the kids how to be better individuals and servant leaders over winning football games. His passion for these boys has made them better students, better community members, better teammates.”
-Jayme McCann, Sales Pro BSN SPORTS

Jason Young, Volleyball Coach, Hamilton Southeastern High School 

“This coach works tirelessly to make Volleyball an positive outlet for his student athletes. He has built the program into a State Championship contending team year in and year out while often playing one of the toughest schedules in the country. Selfless, dedicated, competitive, and a teacher first.”
-Jarrett Carrico-Habel, Sales Pro BSN SPORTS

Dwayne Chastain, Basketball Coach, Meadowdale High School

“Coach Chastain goes above and beyond teaching boys to be young men. His teams consistently are involved in civic events, like breast cancer awareness, food/water drives, etc. I have witnessed him taking time to teach guys how to tie ties and other life skills. This is way bigger than basketball to Coach Chastain!”
-Tony Martin, Sales Pro BSN SPORTS


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