We know you are doing everything you can to continue to positively impact your athletes lives during these unprecedented times. We’ve seen an explosion of online workouts and teams virtually doing and sharing workouts together.

Over the next few weeks, BSN SPORTS Brand Ambassadors are sharing their sports-specific at-home workouts for athletes. This week our Swimming Brand Ambassador, Jessica Hardy-Meichtry, Olympic Gold Medalist, Bronze Medalist and World Record holder, will be sharing how swimmers can continue to stay in-shape and build muscle at-home without access to a pool.

Build swimming muscles to improve racing times

Swimmers can really benefit from having stretch cord bands at home right now. You can lay down on a physio ball and can replicate what it feels like to be in the water well.

Using the bands, laying down on the ball, replicate all 4 strokes, pull back far enough to where the resistance will help build muscle, and practice “swimming” your races for the duration of your goal times.

Equipment needed: Stretch Cord Bands and Physio Ball

Exercise Tubes with HandlesPhysio Ball

Daily Exercises to Keep You Swim Race-Ready:

  • Mimic making snow angels against a wall with your arms, keeping your back flat and arms against the wall always
  • Planks – up-downs onto your hands then elbows – or in and out with your feet to mix it up & increase the difficulty
  • Flutter kicks – planking with your feet “kicking” onto a physio ball – or laying on your bag hovering your feet 2 inches off the ground
  • Burpees
  • Squat jumps – help improve those starts and turns!
  • Split squat jumps also help
  • Calf raises
  • Push-ups
  • V-ups for abs – straight legs and arms – only ab exercise that might be as hard as swimming already is!
  • Jump rope to keep cardio strength up between strength-building exercises
  • Go for a run – sprint the duration of your goal time, and slow jog/walk for active recovery in between sprints

Don’t forget to stretch & keep your mobility!