A sports team is filled with different personalities.

Some players are more assertive and talkative, while others are more reserved and prefer to let their play on the court do the talking.

In an effort to learn more about each individual personality on a team, I’ve always recommended that volleyball coaches give their players a personality test.

I recently led a live webinar titled Practice Planning & Team Building. In the webinar, I covered topics such as practice plans, the skills vs. drills argument, and how to help improve team chemistry. I also did a question-and-answer segment toward the end with live viewers, many of whom were coaches.

Personality Color Assessment

As part of the team-building section, I included information about a personality assessment I’ve had several positive experiences with using in the past.

The process can also be a great team-bonding exercise, as players can learn more about each other.

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Additional Team-Bonding Activities

There are dozens of team-bonding activities coaches can experiment with. In fact, we at BSN SPORTS recently worked with the Texas Girls Coaches Association (TGCA) and women’s sports icon Nancy Lieberman to conduct a survey so we could see what their favorite activities are.

The top vote-getters were:

  • Team meals
  • Workouts
  • Community service
  • Holiday gift exchanges

Want to learn more about the survey, and see the rest of the favorites? Check out Nancy’s article: 10 Team-Bonding Activities To Help Build Chemistry

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