Regardless of the sport, the playoffs can feel like a completely new season. The stakes are higher, and there’s more pressure than a usual weekday match in league play. Because of this, it’s important to take preparation to a new level.

Here are some tips to help volleyball coaches and players prepare for playoffs.

1. Keep Your Routine

Although playoff matches are obviously different than the regular season, it’s important to try to keep routines similar.

Whether it’s your daily personal routine from morning to night, your typical agenda throughout a day at school, social routines, or anything else, try to keep things as close to normal as you can.

2. Get Your Sleep

It can be really hard to keep a regular sleep schedule as playoffs approach. Players and coaches are excited, nervous, anxious, and everything in between leading up to the most important games of the season.

One thing I did when I was playing was take a nice bath with Epsom salt, diffuse some lavender oil, and listen to a deep sleep meditation app or playlist. All of these things helped me relax my mind and body.


Whether it’s during the actual match or leading up to it, make a conscious effort to focus on breathing. Big breath in, big breath out.

It may not seem that important, but breathing techniques have constantly been proven to help athletes and others control their emotions.

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