Unless your team goes undefeated year after year, it’s important to learn how to recover after tough losses and get back on track.

Here are three off-court best practices from Jason Sears, a volleyball coach for Ursuline Volleyball and Summit Volleyball Club in Dallas, and a member of our volleyball team at BSN SPORTS.

1. Accountability

Did everybody do their job? Did they do that job to the best of their ability?

These are important accountability-focused questions to ask, as they can facilitate important communication between players and coaches.

2. Change the Mood

Try to switch things up from the normal practice routine.

Whether it’s a fun drill during practice or team-bonding activities, lightening the mood can help change the players’ mindsets and prepare better for the next match.

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3. Focus On Who’s Next

Try not dwell too much on the last loss or other negative things that may have happened earlier in the season. Instead, focus on getting mentally prepared and physically prepared for your next opponent.

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