Saturday is my only sleep-in day when I don’t have a soccer tournament for my son or some type of cheerleading and social activity for my daughter. But this Saturday was different.  Jaclyn was going to be coaching her girls.

Jaclyn is a kind-hearted young woman who works for me. She coaches high school girls basketball and kindly shared her schedule with me after repeated requests. So one rainy Saturday morning my son and I scooted over for the tournament to see what it was all about.

I sat next to a passionate fan who seemed to know all the rules, all the girls, and all the ins and outs of the coach. She turned out to be the coach’s wife. When she asked me why I was here I told her that I came because I was proud of Jaclyn. She immediately smiled and proceeded to tell me her story.

You see, her husband is the coach. They coached Jaclyn when she was a little girl; apparently Jaclyn was adventurous, passionate, and clearly a good athlete. But as I looked at Jaclyn on the bench and how the girls looked and interacted with her, I saw more than a game. I saw the impact these coaches were making on lives.

There is a reason Jaclyn’s coaching. There is a reason Jaclyn’s giving back. There is a reason the girls respond to her the way they do. This is one of those positive cycles that I can see repeating over and over again throughout life.

What a powerful connection… and I bet they never even knew it.