As we gear up to celebrate Pride Month this June 2023, BSN SPORTS is taking an active step towards promoting inclusivity in our communities. As part of this initiative, the company is organizing two webinars focused on equipping individuals with the tools to create an inclusive space for all. From understanding skills-based depression education to exploring BSN SPORTS’ Inclusion Toolbox, these webinars aim to help people connect and support each other in meaningful ways. So let’s come together and join BSN SPORTS as we recognize Pride Month and work towards creating a more inclusive society.

Skills-based Depression Education is Suicide Prevention Webinar

If you’re looking for ways to show your support during Pride Month, look no further than BSN SPORTS. This June, BSN SPORTS is hosting two inclusivity webinars that focus on empowering individuals and spreading awareness on important issues. One of these webinars is the Skills-based Depression Education is Suicide Prevention Webinar.

This webinar will introduce participants to Erika’s Lighthouse, a non-profit organization that provides school-led programs focused on educating students about teen depression and empowering them to take action. Erika’s Lighthouse is dedicated to erasing the stigma around mental health issues, and the programs they offer meet National Health Education Standards while teaching help-seeking skills.
The webinar will be led by Shantal, who has over 10 years of experience in family and community relationships, non-profit, and education. Shantal holds a Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and her goal is to make mental health a safe and common topic for conversation.

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Inclusion Starts with You (and Me); Unpacking the BSN SPORTS Inclusion Toolbox Webinar

At BSN SPORTS, we believe in creating an inclusive and equitable environment for all. That’s why we’re hosting the “Inclusion Starts with You (and Me); Unpacking the BSN SPORTS Inclusion Toolbox,” Webinar this Pride Month. This webinar will focus on building inclusive vocabulary, empathy, microaffirmations, and kindness – all crucial aspects of creating a truly inclusive environment.
Not only will this webinar help you become a better ally and advocate for marginalized communities, but it can also earn you school credit for your participation. We’re excited to be partnering with Aaron Hart, a teacher, founder of, and author of the Believe In You Student Empowerment Program, to bring you this webinar.

Aaron is passionate about creating equity of access to proactive mental health resources in schools. This aligns with BSN SPORTS’ commitment to promoting Mental Health Awareness and partnering with organizations like Erika’s Lighthouse to provide support and resources to those struggling with mental health challenges.

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