Prepping for the season doesn’t stop at uniforms and equipment. You’ve also got to make sure your student-athletes are prepared. Here are 5 things you can start doing today to ensure your team is ready to go when it’s time to hit the court, field or course this season.


  1. Focus on Health: Eat Healthy, Hydrate and Sleep Well


A variety of foods contain compounds that can help a person perform their best and improve rest.  As your body puts out energy from exercise you need to replenish those lost nutrients which can be accomplished by choosing the right foods. Here are 11 of the best foods for improving performance: Salmon, berries, beans or legumes, bananas, pasta, nuts, vegetables, whey protein, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and hydrating foods like watermelon.  Staying hydrated; exercising regularly; finishing eating more than 2–3 hours before bedtime is the key to success for an athlete. Be as healthy as you can be before practice or competition so you can perform at your best for a longer time. That take discipline before you get to the Game Day fun!



2.Lower Body Strength, Stability, and Flexibility Workout

Squats, leg extensions, leg curls, step ups, reverse lunges,, lunges, box jumps, bike sprints, and more help to improve strength, flexibility, and balance and focuses primarily on the lower body. Having a strong, stable lower body can help you move with greater comfort throughout the day and can make simple movements easier. These movements are important at all stages of your career, but can become more difficult with age if we don’t take steps to maintain strength and flexibility. Better flexibility and balance will help keep you away from injuries.

  1. Cross Training

Cross training is a fun way to train and still accomplish your training goals while also helping you prevent overtraining and boredom which can occur when performing the same workouts over and over. Cross training is typically defined as an exercise regimen that uses several modes of training to develop a specific component of fitness. The fundamentals of cross training are the same whether you are exercising for improved health and fitness or for competition. Try varying your exercise program from workout to work out by engaging in different types of activities, or simply add a new form of exercise (e.g., resistance training, Pilates, a boot-camp class) to your existing workout routine.

  1. Strength Training

Strength training or resistance training involves the performance of physical exercises which are designed to improve our strength and endurance. Most athletes use weights. It can also incorporate a variety of training techniques such as calisthenics, isometrics, and plyometrics. I call it PRE- HAB, getting strong and working your body hard before there is any injury, then it becomes REHAB!

  1. Sport-Specific Training

Sport-specific training is a constant topic of discussion among athletes, parents, and coaches. While some performance coaches scoff at the idea of sport-specific training, I love it. You have to put time into the actual sport and movements that it requires. This should be your #1 priority, condition, weights and additional training is important, but not as doing your sport!!


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