Presenting our 2021 Women of Will Hall of Fall Award winners. Athletic directors that go above and beyond to support women’s athletic for the continued generations. Today BSN SPORTS and Under Armour want to celebrate these outstanding individuals and the WILL they each had to FIND A WAY to change the game for Women’s sports. (Will Finds A Way is a # used for Women of Will as reference)



Gerald McGregory, Brown Deer High School, WI

I started working with Gerald and Brown Deer High School at the start of the Pandemic but one thing has been very clear and that is his commitment all Athletics.  He has created an amazing avenue for the female student to become an athlete at Brown Deer High School while also giving them the opportunity to step into a leadership role and be  apart of the W.O.W. Leadership Committee The committee is currently made up of 3 Seniors and 4 Juniors. – Jason Calvert, Sales Pro BSN SPORTS



Joe Martin, Springville High School, IA

Joe is always looking for ways to highlight all athletes, but he has really embraced the WOW program.  He ordered the LS Armourfuse WOW shirt for all female athletes and constantly attempts to enhance experiences for the women’s athletic programs.  The importance of the female athlete at Springville is very apparent as they are state title contenders in both VB and Basketball plus get many girls out for all sports.- Brad Horstmann, Sales Pro BSN SPORTS



Mario Silva, John F. Kennedy High School, IL

Mario is one of the most dedicated, organized and responsive Athletic Directors I have ever worked with.  While baseball is his passion (he is the head coach), Mario is involved on every level in every sport.  With great support from administration, Mario has consistently pushed to cultivate a winning culture and improve school spirit through sport. I have truly appreciated serving and learning from Mario the past 7 years.- Garret Shively, Sales Pro BSN SPORTS



Nick Canzone, Segerstrom High School, CA

From the day the WoW program was presented to Nick, he’s been all in, and has since taken full advantage of this program to elevate the female athletes at Segerstrom HS.  In the first year of the program, he held a Varsity WoW kickoff rally in Segerstrom’s theater room, where the athletes learned about what it means to be an Under Armour Women of Will athlete.  At this WoW kickoff, he surprised them with red UA Women of Will backpacks to show off with pride on campus every day.  These fierce Jaguars have a strong presence on campus because their athletic director, coaches, and school support and empower them.  Nick never hesitates to get his athletes involved in WoW activities, such as fittings with the Under Armour team and the athlete version of our WoW Rally Cry welcome video.  He is active on social media to highlight all of his athletics programs, and he is always willing to help promote WoW with the BSN Sports & UA team, because he knows the true value of this platform and how it can instill confidence in these young female athletes. – Emmy Walton, National Account Manager BSN SPORTS



Todd Fuhrmann, Indian River High School, DE

Todd has been a tremendous ambassador for the WOW program at Indian River HS. He has made women’s sports a priority and this program will provide mores resources for female athletes at Indian River HS. This program will bring energy and excitement from women’s sports in both the school and community. -Jim Fallers, Sales Pro BSN SPORTS