Here are four simple at-home basketball drills to improve core fundamentals and stay game-ready when you return to the court with your team.

1. Fundamentals of Dribbling:

In this drill, we are focused on developing strong dribbling fundamentals. In order to improve our dribble, we need to focus on keeping our bodies and hands low and meeting the ball or going to the ball.


2. Three Ways to Shoot

In this drill, we are breaking down the movement of shooting by focusing on each step of our shot to become comfortable and create a nice rhythm in the shot.


3. Shooting with Motion:

In this drill we are focusing on staying low, ensuring we are balanced and exploding up-high to create a quality shot.


4.Fundamentals of Rebounding

In this drill we are focusing on exploding to the rim, remaining balanced and being strong with the basketball.


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