At BSN SPORTS, we’re committed to providing resources that help coaches do what they do best – positively impact the lives of young student-athletes on a daily basis.

In an effort to help coaches save time and provide them with resources and tips, I recently conducted a live webinar focused on practice planning and team building. The webinar included:

  • Practice Tips
    • Advice for developing overall practice plans
  • Skills vs. Drills
    • How much time should you spend on specific skills?
    • How much time should you devote to various drills?
  • Example Practice Plan
    • What should a typical practice look like?
  • Team-Bonding Activities
    • Team Pictionary, Personality Tests, and more
  • Live Q&A
    • Live Question-and-answer session

If you would like to view the webinar and access a downloadable PowerPoint, please visit this page:

Continued Education Units & Upcoming Webinars

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Interested in viewing more webinars, or even joining an upcoming one live? Here are are upcoming topics we have planned:

  • Webinar 2: Developing Passing, Digging & Blocker Vision
  • Webinar 3: Developing a Consistent and Powerful Serve
  • Webinar 4: Learning the Basics of Hitting

BSN Volleyball

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At BSN SPORTS, we realized there was a clear need to elevate women’s sports at all levels – from providing more support to coaches of female athletes, to connecting women working in the sports industry. Because of this, we’ve made it a priority to uplift and empower women in sports through our key partnerships, programs and content.

Learn more about the BSN SPORTS women’s initiatives here.