There’s a reason why the phrase “practice makes perfect” stands the test of time.

It doesn’t matter which sport you compete in, or what skill or profession you’re focused on – to be the best you can be, it takes practice.

When it comes to volleyball, practice structures should vary based on several factors. On any given day, some coaches may be focused on different things. That being said, I do think coaches can benefit from using a standard practice plan, and adjusting it depending on the time of the year, day of the week, and overall skill level.

I recently led a live webinar titled Practice Planning & Team Building. In the webinar, I covered topics such as practice plans, the skills vs. drills argument, and how to help improve team chemistry. I also did a question-and-answer segment toward the end with live viewers, many of whom were coaches.

Skills vs. Drills

It’s one of the most common questions I hear from volleyball coaches.

“How much time should I spend on skills, and how much time should I spend on drills?”

For me, it really depends on the level of your players, the time of the season, and the overall status of your team at any given moment.

For younger teams, or teams in the early stages of the offseason, it’s very important to focus on developing skills. For more experienced teams, or teams getting ready for a big playoff push, it may be best to spend most time on drills and game-like situations.

Regardless of what your practice plan is like, what matters most is quality reps, and finding the right balance. Additionally, position- and skill-focused work is a must, so find the right times to work on various skills, even it means encouraging players to come in early.

Example Practice Plan

  • Warm up
  • Butterfly
  • Backrow
  • Serve + Pass
  • Defense/Blocking
  • Competitive Drills
    • Defensive-focused Drill
    • USA Drill (side-out focused)
    • Games to 25

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