Congratulations to Muhammad Shabazz, the BSN SPORTS Coach of the Month for July 2019!

  • Name: Muhammad Shabazz
  • Position: CEO/Founder of Belief Basketball SharpShooters; Head Coach – Elite Program
  • Additional Facts
    • Inaugural winner of Jr. NBA Coach of The Year for the Dallas Mavericks organization
    • 12-year Overseas Pro Basketball Career – Played in China, France, Taiwan & More
    • Former “Mr. Basketball” in South Carolina

Coaches Corner: 5 Questions

1. What Got You Into Coaching?

“I used to go back and forth from playing overseas, and when I would come home I would train some local kids. After a while, a lot of the kids were complaining about the organizations they were playing in. They would say, “Coach, if you start a program, we would join you.” Initially, I didn’t want to because of the attachment…having to leave those kids, it puts a dent in your heart. I ended up doing it, and things just blew up to where they are now.”

2. Who Was Your Mentor/Inspiration To Coach?

“My high school coach, Jerry Harwell. He’s actually in the South Carolina Coaches Hall of Fame. Aside from my family, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t even be where I am, or who I am. No matter what they ranked me or what I did on the basketball court – I could have 40 points, but he would point out that I missed five free throws. It wasn’t that he was nitpicking, it was just the excellence he felt like I could have. I remember him sitting me down my junior year and saying, “With your jump shot alone, you could average 30 points a game.”…For him to even put that out there, it made a big impact. Even my first couple years playing pro, I would still call him and talk to him.”

3. How Do You Deal With Social Media?

“I try to let them know that they’re always being watched, even if it’s by another kid. Try to be professional at all times, even as a kid. Scouts are looking at what you put on social media…I let them know that you’re always a light to somebody, so use your image to spread that light to someone else that’s in your shoes. In my case, I can’t just post anything, I know somebody’s looking. I try to use mine to spread a message and spread light, and I try to teach them the same way.”

4. Do You Have Any Advice For Future Coaches?

“To let the kids be themselves. It’s hard for coaches to take their passion and put it into somebody else or wonder why a kid doesn’t feel the same way we do about a sport. This generation of kids is so different than our generation…they’re the YouTube and social media generation, so I just listen to them. In the huddle I ask them what they see out there, what they feel. I try to pay attention to their energy and always ask them how their day was…if a kid is playing bad, we ask them if everything is good at home.”

5. What Is Something You Want Others To Know About BSN SPORTS?

“I’m a stickler on people doing things the right way and communicating the right way, especially when you want something done. When it comes to my kids, I try to only work with people that will make sure my kids are happy. I’ve never had an issue with anything. Everything is on time, and everything is done right. I have no complaints. The friendliness, the hospitality, the customer service – they’re good people.”

BSN SPORTS Coach of the Month

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