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Coach of the Month April 2019: Tim Sullivan

Coach of the Month April 2019: Tim Sullivan

Congratulations to Tim Sullivan, the BSN SPORTS Coach of the Month for April 2019!

  • Name: Tim Sullivan
  • Position: Head Coach: Randall K. Cooper High School; Union, Kentucky
  • Additional Facts
    • Started boys’ basketball program in 2008
    • KABC Region 9 Coach of the Year
    • Played basketball and baseball at Brescia University

Coaches Corner: 5 Questions

1. Who Was Your Favorite Coach Growing Up?

“I had so many great coaches in my life and it would be hard to choose the favorite. The one coach who had the most effect on me would be my baseball coach, my mom. She taught us the right way to act, the right way to treat people, the right way to play the game, respect your opponent.”

2. When Did You Realize Your Love For Basketball?

“At a young age, I had the privilege to live in the gym, with my mom being the cheer coach. I did play every sport, but basketball was the one that stuck out to me. Just the competitive nature and being able to play your role and understand your role for the team. I met some great people playing in different leagues and watching the older guys play when I was younger. Having an older brother taught me to keep fighting even when I was like little dog on the court.”

3. What Got You Into Coaching and Teaching?

“I graduated with a Business Marketing Degree. It only took 11 months as a Manager at a bank to realize I should have listened to my mom and went into education. I went back to school and received my teaching degree. I had that yearning to help young people and wanted to give back to the game that gave so much to me. As I got older, I started to understand it was about serving, being selfless, helping others and not expecting anything out of it. The great part about coaching is the thankless part and seeing kids grow and mature, building relationships with kids, earning their trust, finding those buttons to push and seeing them succeed.”

4. Who Was Your Favorite Player You’ve Ever Coached?

“I was the 1st head coach for our program, 11 years ago. It is easy to think of the past few years, but one person who I have a relationship with to this day, is Ricardo Johnson. I was the assistant coach at Holmes High School when I had the privilege to coach him. The way Ricardo attacked the day and treated others, made him special. He wasn’t a selfish person, never too big to talk someone even if he didn’t know them. Ricardo graduated from Holmes and went on to play at Ohio University. He made it out of poverty and wasn’t a statistic. To this day, we still have a relationship and a working relationship, love him like my son. His senior year, he shattered his leg, but continued to grow and have success. He now coaches at a D3 school following his dreams to be a D1 basketball coach. The other day, I contacted him for advice on things going on in my life and he’ll contact me to advice as well.”

5. What is One Piece of Advice You Would Give to a Future Coach?

“Be resilient. Communicate with not only your kids, but parents too. Stay the course, keep fighting every single day and have mentors to lean on. “One truly motivated person can inspire everyone around them” is taped to my desk and that’s how I try to live my life every day. My team is part of my Family. Relationships last forever.”

BSN SPORTS Coach of the Month

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