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Coach of the Month August 2019: Kristina Bond

Coach of the Month June 2019: Kristina Bond

Congratulations to Kristina Bond, the BSN SPORTS Coach of the Month for June 2019!

  • Name: Kristina Bond
  • Position: Director/Coach at Providence Day School
  • Additional Facts
    • Aquatics Program Director
    • Varsity Boys & Girls Swimming Head Coach
    • Director of Operations at Team Charlotte Swimming
    • Grown the varsity team to record size of 50 swimmers in just 5 years

1. What Was Your Inspiration To Coach?

“My biggest inspiration to coach came from my college coach, Jeff Dugdale, at Queens University of Charlotte. He treated each of his athletes like a member of his own family, and the time he spent really caring about developing “leaders for life,” not just great swimmers, really impacted me. It’s a concept to this day I still try to emulate in my own coaching. During my junior year, Coach Dugdale connected me with a local club team that needed coaches for their Junior Swim League program for elementary school aged swimmers. As an elementary education major, I realized my love for swimming and love for teaching could come together as a coach. I’m not sure when I would have realized my passion for coaching had it not been for Coach Dugdale.

2. How Do You Relate to the Current Generation of Athletes?

“I find that using technology to relate with athletes is something that can make a huge impact on their growth. Whether it’s taking a video of their start or stroke and watching it with them to analyze and give feedback, or giving athletes the name of a professional athlete that does something well that they are trying to master, and encouraging them to look up videos at home, it gives a digital connection to their sport.”

3. How Do You Build Team Chemistry?

“Our team chemistry stems from the excitement of our athletes. As a coach, I’m lucky that I have so many athletes that are truly excited about swimming and representing their school. It’s something I felt important to establish early on when I took over the program – we want each athlete to be surrounded by other athletes that are excited about swimming and excited to support their teammates, so that even through challenging training, they can rely on their teammates for support and positivity. A phrase our team uses a lot at practices and meets that I think accurately represents our team chemistry and culture is “yay swimming!” Swimming should be fun, first and foremost. Swimming fast and improving as an athlete are positive side effects of having fun.  Coaching a co-ed varsity program with boys and girls together adds an interesting element to our environment, but our team chemistry spans both programs – our girls are just as excited for our boys to see successes in practices and in meets, and vice versa.”

4. Tell Us a Story About You Affecting a Player in a Positive Way

“I’d like to hope that my support and excitement about swimming resonates with all my swimmers, and encourages them to come back each year ready to work hard and become a better swimmer.”

5. What Is One Thing You Want Others To Know About BSN SPORTS?

“BSN is an outstanding company to work with. Our sales rep in Charlotte, Chris Reeder, takes the time to get to know his individual coaches, their needs, and really goes above and beyond just simply providing a high quality product. The customer service provided by BSN is really second to none.”

BSN SPORTS Coach of the Month

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