For the Love of the Game…

Playing select soccer is a tremendous commitment for all involved: the players, the families and the coaches.

I’ve learned this first hand via my son Brenden. Brenden is a goalie on his select soccer team and has become the team captain on the field.

During the season, his team practices three nights a week after school and has games on the weekends. In the off season the team plays Futsal (indoor, hard court soccer) and players attend numerous skills camps.

These are just the calendar commitments of the sport, though. Brenden lives select soccer in all he does.

At home he watches European soccer 24/7, he intently studies YouTube videos of his favorite players and he spends hours on end sparring against his sister Taylor.

At school he talks about the game any chance he gets.

And, when it comes to his team, he gets to practice early and stays late. He loves to mentor his team members, teaching them tips and tricks.

Simply put, Brenden just loves the game.

Much of this passion is core to his character – the kind heart and undying commitment.

However, some of this passion comes from a man we call Coach Chris.

As with any coach, Chris wants to win. However winning to Chris is more than the score – just as playing select soccer is more than a calendar commitment to Brenden.

To Coach Chris, select soccer is about teaching core skills, emulating teamwork, demonstrating commitment, building character and developing body and mind.

It’s why Brenden does what he does. It’s why Chris does what he does.

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