Brenden the Athlete and His Coach

There’s always that one coach; the coach you’d do anything for because you respect him so much.

The coach you’ll never forget years after you hang up your cleats.

The coach you aspire to be.

My son Brenden currently has that “one coach” right now. His name is Coach Rick.

But first, let me tell you a little about Brenden.

Brenden has always been my little athlete and dreamer. He sets goals and quite often doesn’t stop until he achieves them.

Here’s a typical conversation between us:

“My plan is to kick in high school as a walk-on,” Brenden says. “Then I will play in the European soccer leagues and, Mom, you can watch me at odd hours on weird television stations or livestream.”

“What about being a pilot in the Navy?” I ask, reminding him about his other plan.

“Oh, I’ll do that too, Mom,” he says confidently.

And he probably will…

He’s already well on his way to achieving his plan.

Brenden has played two seasons with the Raptors football team and Coach Rick when he was in kindergarten and first grade.

He started beehive soccer about the same time. Even at such a young age he could typically score from the halfway mark and he was known for his “big kicks”.

As he’s gotten older he’s moved into the goalie position for his highly competitive select soccer team.

Now there are conversations in our household like this?

“Brenden, Coach Rick is on the phone,” I say.

Brenden takes the phone, listens and pauses ever so slightly.

“Okay, I’ll do it,” he says.

Coach Rick has asked him to play on yet another one of his teams. Brenden is busy boy with a full calendar and lots of commitments, but he always says, “Yes.”

After all, it’s Coach Rick.

He looks up to him.

He respects him.

He listens to him.

He learns from him.

He loves playing for him.

He wants to make him proud.

He loves the friendship and camaraderie he’s gained from Rick’s organizations.

Coach Rick is Brenden’s “one coach.” Who is yours? Are you someone’s?

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