BSN Soccer Goal Buyers Guide

Soccer Goal Buying Guide

Soccer Goal Buying Guide

With both fall and spring runs, it seems like you’re always preparing for a new soccer season. As you prep for your upcoming games, equipment replacement and upgrades will always be a primary concern. Uniforms, shin guards, soccer balls, and agility cones for training are just part of the equipment you’ll need for your winning season. You will also need to select the right soccer goals for your league and practice needs. Here are 5 things to consider when you are choosing soccer goals.

Soccer Goal Size

Official regulations for soccer goals in high school and college leagues require dimensions of 24’ wide and 8’ high. Youth soccer goal dimensions can vary depending on the organization, but here are some recommendations.

U12 and up: 24′ x 8′
U10 – U12: 21′ x 7′
U8 – U10: 18½’ x 6½’
U6 – U8: 12′ x 6½’
U4 – U6: 9′ x 4½’

In order to meet National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) standards for safety to prevent the goals from tipping over, it is recommended to use either the Alumagoal 4” Round Classic or 3” Round Classic Club Goals.

The Alumagoal’s 4” goal meets NCAA, NFSHSA and FIFA specs, while the 3” goal is better suited for club organizations. For added durability, a 4mm soccer goal net is standard on both of these options, as opposed to the 2 ½ or 3mm that is commonly used. The thicker net provides more stability and durability, while still being within organizational standards.

Best Goal Post Materials

Aluminum posts continue to steadily gain popularity over traditional steel posts, and for good reason: they are lightweight, durable, and they don’t rust. Particularly if you need portable goals, aluminum soccer goal posts are an extremely attractive option. In addition to being lighter and easier to move, aluminum soccer goal posts have the added benefit of having tracks for net clips, allowing for fast and easy setup and breakdown.

For practice, ABS plastic soccer goal posts are a good option. The most popular option for ABS goals are produced by Funnet. These goals are perfect for outdoor use with an excellent balance of strength and flexibility. The pipes are treated with UV stabilizers, resulting in posts that are practically indestructible.

Permanent, Semi-Permanent, and Hybrid Goals

Since many school athletic programs share the same field for football, soccer, and other sports, a Football-Soccer Combo Goal from Alumagoal may be the ideal solution. This budget-sensitive and convenient hybrid goal meets NFHS standards, and can be permanent or semi-permanent, depending on your needs.

Ease of Assembly and Removal

In some cases, a permanent or semi-permanent solution may not be ideal. If you will need to break down your goals, it’s important to have an option for portable soccer goals that are designed for easy assembly, transport and storage. KwikGoal is a respected company that provides a broad range of options for soccer goals that will meet your needs for storage, setup, breakdown, and portability.

Both Alumagoal and KwikGoal have options for soccer goals that are lightweight and have wheels.

Goal Net Attachments

Having loose net clips can create safety issues and delay games if the net pulls free of the frame. It’s important to use goal posts that attach easily and quickly to nets for rapid and safe setup and play. Alumagoal soccer goals have built in net clip tracks that provide for quick and easy assembly which won’t pull apart during the game; their Euro and Manchester models even provide net clip tracks all the way around the bottom portion of the goal posts.

At BSN SPORTS, our Alumagoal soccer goals come straight from the manufacturer. As a result, BSN SPORTS sales professionals are the experts regarding Alumagoal products. You can purchase freely, having the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are buying from a direct supplier, and knowing that you are paying low prices for these high-quality products. Since we always have Alumagoal in stock, your BSN SPORTS order will be shipped within 24 hours.

What are the most important features you look for in a soccer goal? What advice would you give someone who is just beginning a soccer program and looking for the best soccer goals for their program? Speak with a BSN SPORTS soccer goal specialist today for help choosing the best goal for your needs, or visit us online at

Chadd Edlein is the Director of Merchandising at BSN SPORTS. Chadd has been working for the company over 17 years.

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