My Team Shop: The Hassle-Free Solution to Ordering and Fundraising for Your Team

Imagine a scenario in which you are able to customize a team store for your athletes to purchase their uniforms and team gear. Your store could also have decorated items available for the parents and fans to purchase. Imagine you would not have to collect money or fill out order forms and you can use the sales from your store as a fundraiser to earn dollars for your program. Imagine all of this is a “Player Pay” solution, so it can be you who can get your athletes in the gear you want without dipping into your regular athletic budget. You can now stop imagining because this scenario is real and available to coaches just like you.

My Team Shop by BSN SPORTS is the leading one-stop online shop for players, parents, students, and fans to purchase team gear and apparel.

With the help of your local BSN SPORTS Sales Pro, you select the items to be made available. Then, the store will open and your players, parents, fans, and staff can make their purchases online via credit card. Shops usually stay open 7-10 days to allow time for everyone to order. After the shop closes, the orders will be delivered to you for distribution in 2-3 weeks.

My Team Shop Helps Everybody Involved in School Athletics

There are many exceptional benefits for the student-athletes, the school, the coaches, and the community when a school moves to a “My Team Shop” scenario:

  • Student-athletes can purchase top-notch gear at prices lower than they would pay in a retail store
  • Teams can raise money to use on other athletic needs
  • Coaches can focus on getting ready for the season instead of worrying about funding ideas
  • Boost school spirit and increase the fundraising opportunity by encouraging teachers, students, and other community members to purchase decorated team apparel

Gone are the headaches of order forms, collecting payments, or advertising associated with traditional fundraisers and you have BSN SPORTS professional expertise on everything from selecting items to creating graphics.

For more information, visit our website and watch our MTS video or email us at to get started on your custom team store.

Fast, easy, and financially rewarding – this is what MTS is – allowing you to focus on what really matters: taking care of your players and winning games.

Nick Martinez

Nick Martinez has been with BSN SPORTS since 2004. He graduated from Austin College with a degree in Business Administration and was a 4 year starter on the baseball team. Throughout his career with BSN SPORTS, he has enjoyed staying close to sports by working with Coaches and their teams. He is in charge of all marketing efforts for My Team Shop.

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