Football Equipment Reconditioning: Safety First

With this year’s football season in the books, now is the perfect time to begin planning for next year. You can start by tackling the reconditioning and recertification of your team’s football equipment.

Recertifying is the reconditioning, testing and proper labeling of athletic equipment that has previously met the NOCSAE standard and recertification standard.

Of any piece of equipment in your storage unit, helmets are the most important when it comes to reconditioning for the critical fact that they protect your players from serious injury. A helmet cannot be recertified without being reconditioned.

Standards set by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) and helmet manufacturers recommend that football helmets be reconditioned and recertified every year and a minimum of every other year to maintain the warranty on their helmets.

As of the 2012 football season, helmets 10 years of age or older cannot be reconditioned or recertified. This rule is popularly referred to as “10 years and out.” After 10 years, even a helmet that has been properly reconditioned and recertified loses its integrity and ability to fully protect your players.

Strictly following “10 years and out” is the best rule of thumb when it comes to helmets because it puts your players at less risk.

In addition to protecting your players, reconditioning and recertifying is extremely important in extending the life of your football equipment.

Shoulder pads, for example, can last more than 10 years if reconditioned properly. If not properly reconditioned, the average life span of shoulder pads is cut in half.

As the leading marketer, manufacturer and distributor of sporting goods and equipment to high schools, BSN SPORTS can help you get your team’s football helmets and shoulder pads (regardless of brand) reconditioned for next year’s play.

BSN SPORTS makes the process of reconditioning simple. Simply call BSN SPORTS at 800-527-7510 and the High School Team Sports Division will help you begin the NOCSAE reconditioning and recertification procedures for any brand of football helmets.

You can either send BSN SPORTS your helmets and equipment via a pre-paid shipping label or one of the experienced sales professionals will be happy to come to your location.

Regardless of the initial step you choose, one of BSN SPORTS’ local partners from the National Athletic Equipment Reconditioners Association (NAERA) will recondition and recertify your helmets and equipment and return them to you in about 6 to 8 weeks ready to go for next season.

BSN SPORTS can also help you with other pieces of equipment (like shoulder, rib, hip, thigh, knee, tailbone and back pads) that while not required to be recertified each year, still should be cleaned, sanitized and repaired each year.

Contact BSN SPORTS at 800-527-7510 so one of our trained professionals can set you up to get your football equipment reconditioned and ready for next season.

Scott Palmer

Scott Palmer is a Product Manager at BSN SPORTS. Scott has been working in the sporting apparel and equipment industry for over 24 years, serving all levels from Purchasing to Operations to General Management.

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